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Insurance & Valuations

Insure your Valuables
and get that ‘Extra Peace of Mind’

The Bank SDC are pleased to be able to offer all our customers exclusive and bespoke safety deposit box insurance policies. We have teamed up with the market leading insurance specialists Ellerton Knight to provide both box and wear cover which is available across all box options.

Benefits include:
• Obtain immediate cover for the contents of your safe deposit box
• Up to £500,000 per box for all valuables and cash
• Insurance cover in respect of the following: Gold, Silver other Precious Metals, Jewellery, Precious Stones, Securities, Bonds, Money, Numismatic collections, Philatelic Collections and any other item of value or documents whatsoever.

Safety Deposit Association member policies include Fidelity Cover.

Each security box is insured individually in your name, so any payout will be made directly to you and not via the security box centre. Always make sure the policy is adequate to cover the contents of the box: don’t under insure.

Pay an additional premium and cover your valuables outside your security box.
• Cover up to £100,000 outside the security box.
• Your items will be insured when you are carrying them, wearing them, or in a locked safe.
• Cover up to 20 days per year (this cover includes travel to and from security box centre).
• Ideal for Special occasions, Weddings and Social events.
* £250 excess

We use an independent insurance broker, My Security Box and Ellerton Knight are trading names of Noble Insurance Services Ltd, who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). My Security Box specialise in providing insurance for the Safe Deposit Industry.
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Valuation Service

A vast proportion of households do not insure their contents with sufficient cover. Many are insured for half the true value, and there are many with less cover. Obviously this can cause severe difficulties should a large claim arise and may even result in a much lower settlement figure.

We can arrange a consultation with our valuers ‘Prestige Valuations’ who will provide written valuations, which you can rely on. Our valuers keep themselves up to date and will assess the contents of the deposit box so that should a claim be made the correct level of compensation will be paid.